I am so thankful for your products! After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, iron and vitamin D deficiency, I researched for months what I could do to naturally help with this. I learned that sea vegetables were the way to go and that's when I ran into your products. I purchased Super Sea Veg and took 1 capsule a day for a month, as well as ate fresh sea vegetables whenever possible. I had my bloodwork done a month later and the Super Sea Veg helped my iron saturation levels become normal, and brought my TSH levels to a normal level!!! My doctor was so impressed and encouraged me to take 2 or more a day instead of putting me on thyroid medication! So many middle aged females I know have the same issues, so I am spreading the good news! Thank you so much as now I don't have to go on medication and this also takes care of my iron and vitamin d all in one capsule! Thank you!

Super Sea Veg User Since June 2016

For decades I would suffer from foot, toe and leg cramping.  I figured I was deficient in minerals especially calcium and magnesium.  Since I started on Sea Veg just 2 months ago taking 6 capsules a day right from the beginning I haven't had a single cramp!  I used to have to hurry and down some liquid magnesium chloride to stop the awful cramping and I am amazed and thrilled that Sea Veg has totally put an end to my cramping misery.  It's helped my thyroid too.  I'm a 69 year old female and will continue to take this wonderful product the rest of my life!  Thank you for creating this great product!

Sea Veg User Since May 2016

I take Sea Veg as part of my overall health regimen & I feel that I am very healthy for my age...I believe Sea Veg is an important part of my healthy lifestyle. Sea Veg is a great product.

Sea Veg User Since 2005

I've had arthritis since I was 12 and just learned to live with it.  Since I've been on Sea Veg I have no signs of it...also my doctor cannot figure out why my hGH levels are so high.  I attribute it to Sea Veg.

Super Sea Veg User Since 2003

I take this for my asthma, it was so bad I had to do something I was always sick and at the doctor. I am now off all 9 of my meds, and take only Sea Veg. My husband likes it for the energy it gives him. Another family I got started taking it the whole family has asthma problems and it has helped them all....they were in shock how much it helps. It is an awesome product and more people need to be taking it!

Sea Veg User For Many Years

Better immune system, overall health...have not discontinued.

Sea Veg & Super Sea Veg User Since 2010

I started taking it for the beginning signs of menopause. It completely helped with hot flashes, night sweats and mood. I ran out on vacation and my hot flashes returned in two days. I immediately starting again when I got home and they were gone the next day. I love Sea Veg!!! I tell everyone about it.

Sea Veg User Since 2003

One of my dogs had a "so called" Thyroid Issue and the Vet put my dog on Thyroid meds, which she stayed on most of her adult life. This caused all sorts of health problem later in life. Blindness, a loss of a bark due to thickening of the Epiglottises and weight issues to name a few...I attribute her rebound in part from the use of Sea Veggy Tails. She is now the equivalent of 120 years old in human terms and still doing well. I let everyone I know about your amazing products, Thank You.

Sea Veggy Tails User Since 2005

I have swollen ankles, it has helped and my overall health. I stopped taking it for a week and that is when I realized it was helping so I take it all the time and the swelling (inflammation) goes down. i do not take any other mnedication but Sea Veg, this helps me.

Sea Veg User Since 2015

My stuborm hubby loves it, never took anything thank god he is on it, have not been sick in years...Sea Veg is the greatest, I am so glad I found your product many years ago.

Super Sea Veg User Since 2007

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