SeaVeg® by FarmaSea®

  • From Alpha to Omega®

    Super Sea Veg® combines the finest quality blend of NUTRIENT-RICH SEA PLANTS with additional organic Vitamin D and Calcium, creating an even more powerful WHOLE FOOD supplement than our original Sea Veg®.
  • Sea Veg® Junior

    Sea Veg® Junior is a MULTI-NUTRITIONAL supplement for children, containing the same nutrients of our adult formula in a tasty, chewable tablet. Go to great depths for your health...and theirs!
  • Pets Love the Sea, Too

    Sea Veggy Tails® Pet Wellness Formula is our MULTI-NUTRITIONAL powdered supplement for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages in a pet-pleasing flavor they will love to have every day!

Featured Products

Featured Products

Explore the Sea Veg® family of products, sustainably harvested from pristine oceans worldwide and imported by FarmaSea®