Sea Veg® by FarmaSea®

  • Sea Veg® Whole Food Seaweed Supplements

    The 12 seaweed varieties in our Sea Veg supplements are some of the most nutritionally dense plants on the planet and also the most abundant source of minerals in the plant kingdom - All Engineered by Mother Nature®! Learn More
  • Feel Younger & Healthier in 90 Days or your Money Back

    Try any of our premium Sea Veg® supplements risk-free for 90 days. Feel healthier & younger or your money back, guaranteed. You'll find EVERYTHING FROM ALPHA TO OMEGA® in our FarmaSea Blend of 12 Whole Sea Plants! Try Now
  • Sea Veg® Junior - A Great Tasting Supplement for Kids!

    Sea Veg® Junior is a MULTI-NUTRITIONAL supplement for children, containing the same nutrients of our adult formula in a tasty, chewable tablet. We go to great depths for your health®...and theirs! Learn More
  • Pets Love the Sea and Can Share in the Benefits, Too!

    Sea Veggy Tails® Pet Wellness Formula is our MULTI-NUTRITIONAL powdered supplement for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages in a pet-pleasing flavor they will love to have every day! Learn More

Featured Products

Featured Products

Explore the Sea Veg® family of products, sustainably harvested from pristine oceans worldwide and imported by FarmaSea®

Fortify Your Immune System

Gives your body extra protection against bacteria and viruses, allergies, injury recovery and cancer.

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Restore Your Metabolism

Supports healthy thyroid function and energy, blood sugar regulation & metabolism, slows carb digestion.

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Slow The Aging Process

Relief of arthritis pain & inflammation, normalizes blood pressure, relief from menopausal symptoms.

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